What You Should Know About SB Rank


Nancy Ryan

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As far as Google PageRank is outdated, we have developed our own metric – SB Rank based on site’s DA and PA, for sites not included in Alexa Top 100 rankings. In such instance, SB Rank equals only page authority metric.

Currently, all MageNet ads fees are refreshed automatically in accordance to SB Rank. The higher is the Rank, and the higher is the fee. You should care for your sites’ PA and DA metrics, as long as they have an impact on how well your site ranked in search engines. Plus they affect on your MageNet incomes.

The factors that affect DA and PA

  • The most significant factor is the links pointing to your website, they should contain relevant keywords and be from high-quality sites with high DA and PA
  • Usability of the site. The design should be intuitive, the navigation is easy and the site pages should load fast
  • Website age & Specific URL Age. Well-established sites have old domain names, so by reverse logics, an old domain should mean that the site is well established
  • Content (media, articles, white papers, infographics, etc.)  should be of high-quality, relevant and actual
  • The page structure should contain header, footer, navigation, body, and ads
  • Good web host’s reputation

How to check Website Authority?

You can check link profile using ScanBacklinks tool. Enter site URL and get the result right away.

How to improve the PA and DA metrics?

  • Gain good links
  • Ensure that your technical SEO is in place
  • Create lots of linkable and likable content
  • Develop strong internal linking
  • Regularly remove toxic backlinks


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