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The CMS solutions used are the most accessible, manageable and easy to use which is taken center stage by WordPress. WordPress becomes the face of a corporate blog, website, a magazine or the turn into the store of e-commerce.

It is not easy to switch the attraction of WordPress with the tons of useful plugins, extensive support, and themes. The WordPress plugins already published is more than 29,000 with more being developed.

The new internet access point is the mobile device. The desktop usage has been surpassed by the mobile device with more than 50% queries been searched using a mobile device. Going mobile straight away is what most companies are aiming at. There is no denying mobile big.

The lack of adaptive design and slow load times of the site has frustrated the smartphone users who are more than 66% and they do not buy. Finally, some websites were not designed for mobile use. This has kept over 48% users of the mobile device to keep complaining.

You don’t want your users to be frustrated. All that you need is let them enjoy its experience all that you are required is visit your site very frequently, engages with you and change.

Here are a few plugins, if you are WordPress user make your website mobile friendly!

5 Plugins that answer your question how to make website mobile friendly


WPTouch Mobile Plugin

WPTouch Mobile Plugin best WordPress mobile plugin

There are over 5.5 million blogs used a wptouch mobile plugin, which you cannot ignore, and it makes it best WordPress mobile plugin. The focused suite which is a mobile response, faster than other responsive sites with the improvements of touch and a crisp retina interface, with also a full-blown WPTouch Theme is known as WPTouch Pro.

The features include the “infinity cache” which makes your website flaming very fast with the caching of a mobile device. According to the device, mobile-optimized images are delivered by the plugins. And also the scaling of the images is through CSS. The rendering of the separate content for mobile devices is with the use of WPTouch mobile plugin extensions such as the add-ons within plugin along with the images.


JetPack plugin for WP

This provides with a lot more than a mobile responsive design, and it can also change your website yet it is a single plugin, this is the JetPack mobile friendly WordPress plugin. This aims on becoming more than just a plugin. It aims at becoming a plugin you can’t do without, with more than its 33 specific features.

The feature you can use to optimize your WordPress site for mobile devices along with “Mobile Theme”– there’s the ability to use custom CSS, contact forms, with Carousel modifying your image galleries, and much more. If you are familiar with bit PHP coding and CSS, you can customize your theme.

It has a direct integration with your Google+ page and also photon which is used for increasing your site speed; all these are site verification tools. This plugin is good for you if you are looking free solution to make your WP based site mobile friendly.

With a lot more options in the premium version.

This plugin is good for individuals who are looking to provide a different user experience to mobile and desktop users. There is an add-on in this plugin which enables you to provide templates which are designed specifically for mobile devices. JetPack do it by detecting that the site is being accessed by a mobile device.

WP Mobile Detector

WP Mobile Detector mobile plugin

One more WordPress plugin for mobile devices, It helps when you are not sure if your users are still using mobile or not if you don’t know where it originates how you can see possible will cater for every load request.

The WordPress website being accessed by a device is detected automatically by the plugin and also loads a mobile theme which is compatible. It advanced features analytics formats content to suit mobile devices, covers more than 5000+ mobile phones. It also comes with seven mobile themes which are pre-installed.

This is best wp mobile plugin if you have an audience who does not have smartphones.

WordPress Mobile Pack 2.0

WordPress Mobile Pack 2.0 WordPress plugin

Have you ever imagined if your WordPress website looked more appealing like and app and taking the experience of a user up to a notch? WordPress Mobile Pack 2.0 is the best WordPress mobile plugin to make it.

It gives you the opportunity to load and deliver contents to all areas, devices, and operating systems. The plugin allows cross-platform access, a ready-made theme with six abstract covers, a responsive user interface, and post-sync. Its appearance can also be customized that is colors and fonts.

If you want to access your applied theme on a desktop, it has full-screen mode, that is connected with analytics.

WP Mobile Edition

WP Mobile Edition WP plugin

WP Mobile Edition allows the user to change the current website into iOS, Windows and Android mobile version.

The users can choose what version they want to see mobile or desktop. Nevertheless, it’s also automatically detected. It has a quick standard mobile theme which is lightweight and loads very fast.

WP Mobile Edition enables you to do smart formatting, adapt to your device, eight-color scheme that is different and a full commenting system. In case, you may want to own this wp mobile plugin it’s SEO-ready.

Bonus Tip:

Google has this Mobile-Friendly tool that answers the question how to make website mobile friendly, by using it you can have a look at your blog and understand whether you should take the effort to go mobile or not.

Nowadays users do not want to squint, pinch, zoom, and swipe on mobile devices, if they still had to do it on your site. You will not be at Google top!

What is your opinion about above-mentioned plugins? How they affect load speed of your site? If you have in mind, any other plugins share them with us in comments!