How to get paid to post links?

Some people don't understand how it is possible to get paid to post links. However, there are many ways to start making money on your website. The most popular one is to place paid links or ads on your website. It is worth noting that three-quarters of the monetizers earned in 2016-2019 this way. It's simple - the advertiser pays the owner of the site for the link to his site placed on the owner's page.

To earn money on selling links from the site, you need to go to our Magenet site and register. In addition to the main work, you have the opportunity to make additional earnings on attracted users. To be more precise, you will receive 10% of their financial turnover.

What affects the price of links on Magenet?

The link price on Magenet service usually depends on 3 main parameters:

  • TIC - it is a thematic parameter of site indexing in Google that indicates the authority of the resource and takes into account qualitative and quantitative links from other sites.
  • PR - it is a PageRank of the online resource in Google, showing its importance, analyzing the content presented on it, as well as other related information.
  • Another parameter is an indicator of how useful your site is. It takes into account the size of the site audience, the degree of user satisfaction, the level of trust to the site by users, and other criteria.

Benefits of using Magenet

  • An additional way to earn income even in the absence of visits.
  • Automation of processes (no need to spend time on placing links in manual mode).
  • Ability to have a permanent income (for the sale of rental links, you will receive payment daily).
  • If you increase the TIC, you can significantly increase the cost of links (it is important to remember that the sale of eternal links such a possibility also applies).
  • You can raise the position of the resource relatively quickly and for a small amount of money (actual for optimizers).

How much can you earn using Magenet?

The level of online earnings depends on the key characteristics of the site. The main thing is the number of indexed pages in the search engine.

Regardless of the level of the site, its owner can set one’s own price for advertisement placement and get more income. Accordingly, the more ads you publish on your site, the more your daily income is. Experienced webmasters say that the ideal option is to place 3 ads on the main page, and 2 ads on the other pages. It will not be difficult for you to calculate how much you can earn on that.

Moreover, we have created a special calculator that discovers how much you can earn on your site. Also, we check out a professional guide on 34 ways to increase your income using the site.

How much will you earn? It depends solely on your desire. If you have one site with 100 indexed pages, you can make a few more such sites. In this way, your passive earnings will increase significantly.

Why should you choose Magenet?

  • An industry leader since 2008. Our service has been working for over 10 years, and during this time, we have managed to make more than 50,000 payments and 300,000 advertisements.
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  • Advanced stats. Our specialists have created a professional system that shows the full statistic of your site.
  • Full control over your ads. We allow you to track all ads related to your site.
  • Regular payouts. We do not delay payments, we appreciate your time and effort. Payments are made on time and in full.
  • Advanced customer support. Support of platform members is one of the priorities of our service. We are constantly improving our technical support, our service does not stand still.
  • Easy to use. Magenet has developed a special interface to make it convenient for participants to use the site. It is thanks to the intuitive interface, the site is easy to use.
  • Safe and secure. Ensuring the maximum security of user data is our main task. We have specifically designed several levers of protection to make the site as safe as possible.
  • No charges. We don't charge any commission, and that's our most significant advantage. All transactions are transparent.

How to post links for companies and get paid?

Today, the Internet has a significant number of services for the purchase and sale of links for Google, which not only help to promote the site but also allow you to make money on it. What do SEO specialists and webmasters buy links for?

They have two goals:

  • To improve the TIC and PR of the resource.
  • To bring a site to the top of the search engines for a specific request.

The first option is quite simple - the more thematic external links point to the site, the higher the characteristics. But in order to get to the first positions in the search engine output for a specific query, links are not enough. You require links with an anchor containing the promoted query.

If someone buys links, then someone earns on it.

Selling links for companies is nothing more than placing third-party references on the pages of your site for a fee. You place a link on your site, and then you get paid.

Factors that affect the earnings from the sale of links:

  • TIC and PR. These factors have a direct impact on the cost of each link. The higher these characteristics, the higher the price.
  • Subject matter. Websites of popular and commercial topics are in demand.
  • Hosting. Many monetizing pages do not work with sites placed on free hostings.
  • Site volume. The greater the weight of the resource, the more links can be placed on it and, therefore, more money earned.

Where to place links?

Where you accommodate paid links affects how much money you will earn.

There are 4 ways to place links:

  • In the footer of the site.
  • In the sidebars (side parts of the template).
  • In the end or middle of the text of the article.
  • In the text (context link).

All these places for paid links on your site have a different value for search engines. The most effective way of SEO promotion is context links, so they are high-paid.

Context links have value not only for optimizers but also for owners of sites and blogs. Moreover, frequently, advertisers write their own texts with links that they want to place on your site or blog. That is why it is beneficial for both parties.

Which site can you earn on?

Remember the most important thing: with the help of the site, created exclusively "for earning", it is impossible to earn a fortune. At least until you gain experience. A newcomer from such a site will get nothing.

To have a stable and high income, first, think about "How to create a site that will be interesting and useful to people?" instead of the question "How to post links and get paid?".

And only if you already have such a website (or at least a complete plan to create it), you can think about how to make money on it.

Another popular question is, "What hosting (paid or free) is better for site development?". The answer is obvious: if you firmly decide to create your site, you know what the site will be and to whom it is designed, buy a domain and hosting. Also, you should have in your head something useful that can be put on the site and interest other people. Specialists assure, a quality site on absolutely any topic, will pay off the cost, and as a maximum, will allow its author to make money.

The most legal and convenient way to make money on your site is to place ads on it. You can get paid by Google to post links. This option can be used as an additional income on the site, and also has all chances to become the main source of income. There are two types of advertising on the site: contextual and in the form of various banners.

Contextual advertising is in demand. After all, it is beneficial for advertisers (their ads will see only those who need it), for site owners (good earnings on the site and does not irritate visitors), for users (they see advertisement only of those products and services that relate to the topic they are viewing, and that can be useful to them).

The amount of money that the site owner receives, directly proportional to the number of indexed pages on the site. The value of earnings from placing contextual advertising affects the attendance of the site and its subject.

What should a modern site be like?

The efficiency of the site is determined by its content. So, how to create content that will attract users? We have gathered the most important requirements. By complying with them, you will successfully promote the site.

1. Uniqueness of texts

As mentioned above, content must be distinctive. When it comes to plagiarism, there are a lot of free online services that you can take advantage of. One of them is content-watch.

Uniqueness does not guarantee quality. The popularity of the site increases high-quality and interesting author's texts. They should be easy to read and consist of useful information.

2. Informative (semantic load)

There are a lot of superficial, inconsequential articles on the Web which have not any useful information for the reader. Content on the site must be valuable, informative, and prepared by professionals.

3. Literacy

The low literacy rate is a key problem of the majority of pages. Heavy, difficult to perceive sentences, an abundance of stylistic and spelling mistakes greatly undermine the credibility of the site. On the contrary, pages that professional copywriters, editors, and proofreaders have worked on are much more in demand by users.

4. Content delivery and design

The text monoblock is hard to read without dividing it into chapters, without illustrations or auxiliary materials. The sophisticated layout is essential. It helps to focus the attention of the reader on the main site's elements, highlighting its most valuable parts and facilitating the perception of the site.

5. Compliance with the requirements of search engines

Today, search engines have moved away from determining the relevance of content by simply calculating the number of keywords on the page. Instead, they analyze content blocks - paragraphs, sections, articles, and chapters - and calculate semantic links between words. Therefore, the advantage gets material that deeply reveals the declared topic. Sites with such content take high positions in the search engine for several queries at once.

Talking about the content of the site, we can’t help but mention the keywords. Thanks to the last ones, search engines find your page. The text should be moderately saturated with "keywords" from the semantic core of the site (a set of search queries, which are optimized to attract the target audience). If you want a search engine to “approve” your content, it must be divided into blocks (chapters, paragraphs, lists), containing a minimum of lyrical indents and non-informative fragments.

A permanent and completely free source of unique and up-to-date content is user comments. So, the ability to comment on articles gives the site great benefit.


Our monetizing site is the best among all existing ones. All you need is to add your web resource and watch your income increasing. Moreover, our specialists have created a professional system that shows the full statistic of your site. It is really comfortable. We do not delay payments, we appreciate your time and effort. Payments are made on time and in full. That’s why we can state that Magenet is a reliable service.

Let's develop together! Deepen your knowledge in SEO reading our blog. Change for the better with us and success will not be long in coming!