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5 Contextual Advertising Facts
Everybody Needs To Know


Contextual ads sales could become the major revenue item of your websites. The website with 1000 webpages can bring MageNet active publisher earnings of $30 every day. Learn more how Albert Subery, a small business owner already earned $37,762 by selling contextual ads.


There are more contextual ads selling platforms except Google AdWords. Together with technology development the advertisement market constantly grows and its earning potential is measured by billions nowadays. That is why digital advertising business gave birth to the great number of strong and reliable players.


Contextual advertisement can be wholly automated. That means that the website owner installs the ads managing software just once, and the rest will be done by the ads and software provider. The software is developed both for specific website engines, for instance, WordPress Monetizing Plugin and for diversified CMSs, such as Universal Plugin, applicable for greater part of PHP based engines.


The amount of money that both publishers and advertisers strive to earn depends directly on the pricing model. All market players work together to earn a profit. There are different pricing models existent on the advertising market. Google provides Smart Pricing scheme with dynamically set prices. Yahoo! has opted to set one price for each company rather than using software to determine a price for the product. The problem with this option is that most companies are compelled to set the price to the least valuable site in the network. MageNet provides publishers with the ability to set their own prices for their product. However, the prices based on objective parameters that are set automatically by default.


Publishers can have full control on contextual ads sales process. First of all, the site owners have the ability to split the profits with contextual advertising companies. That means that publishers can select more than one contextual advertising company and integrate as many earning options as they wish. While the contextual ads selling platforms take upon themselves dealing with advertisers, publishers may take control on selecting the advertisements that make the most appropriate connections to their audience. They also have the ability to select specific ad categories.