Sponsored blog post

Sponsored blog posts are one of the most efficient ways to generate a decent and consistent revenue on your website or blog. With sponsored blog posts, you can concentrate on writing about a topic you are passionate about, without diverting yourself too much into catering to advertisers.

Being active and feisty in finding advertisers is by far a better approach than idly waiting for some miracle to happen. So, it is reasonable to get things in your own hands and set off searching for viable options. Looking for brands specific to your niche will be a great start.

The next sensible step would be creating your own media kit. It is a file that exemplifies and contains info on what your business, event, or product is. It may include the overall vision of the business, portfolio, contact information, and so forth. The media kit is a key component in finding advertisers who will be ready to buy sponsored blog posts from you. So, it is in your best interest to make it as approachable and informative as possible.

You don’t have to be an internet marketing genius to comprehend the importance of quality advertisement on the website. However, the process of getting those advertisers to your page is quite a challenge by itself. The very plurality of ways to choose from may seem startling, so we will try to expand on each of them one step at a time.

Sponsored blog posts are a lucrative method to monetize the content on your website in no time. Unsurprisingly, many people seek ways on how to get sponsored posts on my blog. One should also keep in mind that in a similar style as bloggers, advertisers also make their own survey to buy sponsored blog posts. So, it would be a blundering mistake to overlook the basics of what advertisers seek in their promoters.

How to get sponsored blog posts?

First and foremost, unique and original content is a priority. It is of great importance to avoid plagiarism and any duplication. Advertisers love to see when their product is being promoted not only voluminously but also cleverly and indiscreetly. Although it’s necessary to mention to your readers that this is a sponsored content, don’t diverge too much from the customary style of your blog. Sponsored blog posts are a great way to build up your business, but be careful of not overextending in this department as well.

Clean looking and decluttered website that won’t be sore for the reader’s eyes is also worth a mention. Many tend to make their page look colorful and widget-heavy. However, it is not a great attraction for a potential advertiser. Evidently, it would be reasonable to spare the sparkles and pearls, if your goal is to monetize your website and incentivize advertising to buy sponsored content there.

Providing a family-friendly and peaceful atmosphere will garner a much wider population of advertisers. Not to mention, the value of such ads will be much higher and generous. Thus, it is advisable to furnish your blog in such a way that will be conducive and appropriate for all age groups, while avoiding risky or outright inappropriate content altogether.

The next point is tentatively connected to a simple website approach. Never make a mistake of overgrowing your website with ads, not only will it be less profitable for you at the end of the day, but it will also antagonize existing visitors. Thus, it is far more reasonable to cleverly swap-out different ads, rather than fill your website to the brim with pesky ads.

As mentioned earlier, media kit is the face of your business. Putting an emboldening and inviting slogan on your website is a great way to get gears spinning. In this way, you are creating a passive notice that lets potential advertisers know that you are open to suggestions. On this page, you can also mention information like:

  • Google Analytics statistic
  • Your niche
  • Complimentary information
  • Social networks one can contact you through

Another great way to get sponsored blog posts is to take a gander at people who're tackling similar topics. Taking notice of their sponsors and contacting them is a great method to take into consideration. There is a good chance that they will gladly accept your invitation to sponsor your content since you are dealing with a similar topic. This will be a mutually lucrative opportunity for both of you: for them to expand their scope of potential customers and for you to gain an additional profit.

You can use Google AdSense as a prospective way to look for advertisers to negotiate with. Again, it is reasonable to appropriate your niche to specific advertisers, meaning so not seek an advertising opportunity in car companies, when your niche is cooking appliances.

Another crucial point is to keep in contact with already established advertisers. Building a sustainable and consistent network of advertisers will not only be more time-efficient but will also generate a streamlined passive income. And there is more to that than insipid professionalism and business relations, try to foster these relations into something bigger which will not only bring more joy to the work itself but also will be an invaluable tool to extend your connections.

Attract advertisers

To attract advertisers to buy sponsored blog posts, it is essential to diversify your monetization and ad types. Let advertisers see how well you can manage and control not only the filling of your website but also the monetization side of things. After all, your website is, in essence, the same business as that coffee shop along the street. So, it is crucial to treat it that way and allocate as much time and effort as possible.


Now, with that out of the way, let’s talk about a notoriously popular word - monetization. Content monetization is the very essence of making money on the internet. It comprises the major part of all revenue people gets on the internet. So, it is only reasonable to plunge into the topic of monetization headlong and look into ways one can profit off of that.

Monetize your website using the Affiliate Program. It’s a great way to write about the things you love, whilst also making money by linking people to a particular product on a particular website. The most prominent one has to be the Amazon Affiliate Program. Basically, you post a link to a product and get 8% from the full price of the product when someone bought it from your link (referral). Worth mentioning is the fact that overusing Affiliate links can scare away people. In the end, it will only bring deleterious effects to your overall revenue. But it also helps you attract the so much desired advertisers that will be ready to sponsor your blog post.

Arguably the most popular way to generate a passive income from a website is to buy ads directly from Google. Google AdSense is a handy tool that pays every time a visitor of your website clicks on the ad-pop up, also called PPC (Pay Per Click). It is worth mentioning that there is a learning curve. Although, with tremendous support from Google themselves and the abundance of tutorials and guides, you can be indubitably sure that you are not alone on this voyage.

When it comes to having multiple real estates or landowning, one can unmistakably rent out a piece of their property to generate some kind of revenue. Selling ad space on your website is like that. Naturally, you will need to make connections, negotiate prices, and, overall, it is far from being toil-free. Especially crucial is to have an already decently established and on-its-feet website with flourishing traffic flow and high conversion rate.

Nevertheless, the end product of your efforts are: flexible pricing, since you are negotiating it directly with the advertiser, choosing the type of ad (banner, link, pop up), expanding outreach, and exposure of your website.

Probably, the easiest way to glean revenue from a website is a sponsored blog post. The nature of blog posts differs greatly in their variety. Some write about cooking and respective appliances, some about garden and gardening tools. The topic of the blog will dictate the potential advertisers that would want to sponsor your content.

For example: if you are writing about cooking recipes, you are bound to use a slew of appliances, utensils, or ingredients. Precisely that potential advertiser may want you to include or mention in your post. Basically, you are being paid for mentioning a product, which, in turn, gives readers a stimulus to buy this product. However, it is hard to underestimate the importance of, firstly, attracting advertisers to your website.

Although finding advertisers ready to sponsor, you may prove difficult. Looking into local businesses for sponsored blog posts might be the answer you are searching for. Simple and laid back conversation with the neighborly coffee shop may prove itself valuable in the first steps of establishing the network.

How to get the most out of advertisements?

Presently and in the near future, ads will be an irreplaceable tool not only to widening an outreach of your website but also to generating a big chunk of revenue. So, there is no doubt in the fact that one should exercise the effort to use the powers of the ads to the fullest. Fortunately, we are lucky to have services that will manage most of the work for us in not only getting us money directly but indiscreetly also attracting more reputable brands and advertisers to streamflow even more revenue.

One of such services is Magenet. Magenet deals with the question of how do I get sponsored blog posts in a clean fashion.

With the help of Magenet service, you can easily attract potential advertisers to your website or blog by implementing contextual ads. The last ones are a great way to not only get paid but also expand the scope and diversify the revenue flow.

With Magenet’s network encompassing more than 30 thousand websites, it brings an unprecedented variety to help you find suitable advertisers. Magenet takes care of every aspect of your journey to help you smoothly get into the internet advertising world. You can easily track your ongoing progress and revenue from each and every advertising source with the help of the monthly advertising report.

With services like Magenet, you are also stripped of the need to negotiate with the advertisers, which in turn, greatly eases the burden off your shoulders. Not to mention that since everything is operating automatically, you don't have to worry about manually tweaking anything.

Long story short, Magenet will do all the dirty work for you, so you can concentrate on creating engaging and exciting content for your future visitors.

Magenet is exactly the service that will help you achieve the desired success in a jiffy. With the help of contextual advertisements that undoubtedly are an essential tool in finding sponsored posts for your blog.