How to Make the Most of Social Media Branding?

By Magenet Team | Posted: 24 March 2017
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A social media marketing is shifting and expanding at a breakneck speed. Branding that takes place in this tumultuous field acts as the mainspring of digital marketing strategies, delivering concrete, measurable results in areas of sales, branding, and leads. In a nutshell, social media marketing is unparalleled in terms of reaching a huge number of Read More

The Top 6 Smart Ways to Get Backlinks for SEO Strategy

By Magenet Team | Posted: 20 March 2017
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Link building is not just one of the most effective SEO strategies, it is one of the oldest ways to get backlinks It is one of the most effective ways to generate organic search traffic, and if not handled properly, it can harm your traffic also. Search engines like Google deploy the use of links Read More

7 Effective Tips to Enhance Your Brand Awareness Amazingly

By Magenet Team | Posted: 17 March 2017
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Working in a Dubai web design company increases your exposure and knowledge regarding the different tricks and techniques that experts and marketing professionals use to make their brand product work. Experimenting with the brand awareness strategy is not an easy task. It requires attention, skills, and determination to make things work. With so many different Read More

The Best WordPress SEO Plugins you Must Consider in 2017

By Magenet Team | Posted: 07 March 2017
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SEO can be a very vast field that will require lots of technical know-how, but if you are serious about making a living in SEO, then you need to do everything possible to improve your brand awareness.Read More

How to Write a Successful Blog – 9 Key Steps you Should Follow

By Magenet Team | Posted: 01 March 2017
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Your marketing strategies are not completed without knowing how to blog, and without your SEO strategies in your blog... Read More

What is the Best CMS Used for in 2017?

By Magenet Team | Posted: 24 February 2017
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Getting best content management system (CMS), will require that you make use of a buying guide. This guide comprises of an evaluation of top performing in specific industry and niche. Ideal CMS should not just upload and manage content, it must offer different platforms that allow customizations (including plugins for SEO and e-commerce management). So Read More

WordPress Mobile Plugin that Makes Your Blog Mobile Friendly

By Magenet Team | Posted: 21 February 2017
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The CMS solutions used are the most accessible, manageable and easy to use which is taken center stage by WordPress. WordPress becomes the face of a corporate blog, website, a magazine or the turn into the store of e-commerce. It is not easy to switch the attraction of WordPress with the tons of useful plugins, Read More

5 Ways How to Promote Your Blog

By Nancy Ryan | Posted: 14 February 2017
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Congratulations on starting your new blog! In the business world, having a voice and platform by which to reach your audience is extremely important. Blogging will give your business voice, and, if promoted properly, can increase traffic to your blog for free! WordPress is a great way to get your blog started. A word press Read More

What payment method do you prefer?

By Nancy Ryan | Posted: 06 February 2017
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Currently, we can transfer your MageNet balance only via PayPal and WebMoney. But if you absolutely cannot withdraw your funds using these payment systems, let us know what payment method you prefer. Cast your vote for the best way for you to withdraw funds: PayPal WebMoney Bitcoin Payoneer Skrill Payza Other (if we haven’t mentioned Read More

The Impact of Pricing on Sales

By Nancy Ryan | Posted: 26 January 2017
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We have deeply investigated consumer behavior and various advertising channels and revealed such a trend: customers are more likely to buy a few ads for a reasonable price and partly maintain their budget. Hence the more ads you place at reasonable prices, the more loyal clients you engage.  And in this way, you will win Read More