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Looking for professionals to boost your website and start earning real money? MageNet’s team is here to help you with every step of the monetization journey.

Unique Paid Blogging Opportunities for You

The ultimate goal for many writers is to become the best one in a niche and, as a result, start getting paid to blog about vital products or issues eventually. Such an engaging activity is undoubtedly worth your time and attention. Let us show you when and where to start in order to get one step closer to this goal.

Why do writers become bloggers so often? The majority of them create some thematic resources, blogs, or entertainment portals. At some point, having achieved success, and high positions in the search results, they begin to think about how to get paid on the Internet. After all, a well-developed website can be a powerful source of income. You only need to know how to get paid to blog by using different approaches and opportunities. With our professional team of specialists, we can guarantee that you will get positive outcomes in a matter of weeks. Find out more below!

How to get paid for blogging by using MageNet expert services

In the modern world, everyday work has excellent alternatives. Such alternative activities can automate the process of making money, plus - turn it into your hobby.

The idea of ​​creating your blog and, at the same time, the opportunity to earn money on it attracts a large number of people. Such an approach is quite feasible, but not everyone can handle it. About 10% of people manage to get enough money blogging, while the rest remain disappointed. Making money on a blog requires not only an understanding of how to create it (this is at least). The dedication must be the highest.

Before you learn how to start a blog and get paid for it, here is a list of professional tips from our experts that will help you to set the right direction for your blog:

  • Creating your first and simplest blog is pretty straightforward. Start with the theme of your page that should be enjoyable for you. This is really significant since writing on topics that are not pleasing to you will be quite challenging.
  • The topic of the blog should intrigue readers. It is not mandatory to devote it to the most popular subjects, such as making money on the Internet. Choose the problem that is of most benefit to you, and there are a lot of possibilities: sports, flowers, children, cars, cinema, photography and so on.
  • Ideally is to write a blog as a specialist in any matter. Thus, you will not only learn how to make a blog but also increase the number of readers of your blog as soon as possible.
  • But remember, when choosing a narrow and specific subject, it will be more challenging to get many readers. Yes, and it is not advisable to work with a large number of topics. It will be difficult to keep the readers, and they will not know what to expect from you in the future, thereby there will be a few regular visitors.

Professional Ways to Achieve Paid Blogging with MageNet

Is there a perfect time to start monetizing your blog? When do you have to perform this exactly? Why is paid blogging so popular nowadays?

There is no definite answer to these questions. The ability to make money on a web magazine depends on the topic and the chosen method of monetization. For example, in an expensive commercial niche, several hundred unique visitors per day can provide you with a decent income. But when it comes to the entertainment theme, several thousand unique ones may not be enough for a respectable income.

If you have chosen an advertising monetization model, first readers can view commercial units and bring you the first money. Many advertising systems do not impose requirements for on-site traffic. In practice, monetizing a blog makes sense after reaching a certain level of traffic. However, with our team, you can understand how to get paid for blogging in different unique ways.

Theoretically, you can earn income from the first days of the blog. For example, a start of publication can lead visitors to the magazine, some of which will become your customers. Our professional team of experts allows you to consider different ways to help you achieve paid blogging efficiently.

How Many Ways of Monetization Do We Offer?

The owners of blogs and news media resources are divided into two types: the former ones want to get paid blogging using the online publication, the latter ones want to share their experience, tell about their impressions, or provide useful information. It’s not so relevant which category you belong to since both can be beneficial. On MageNet, we offer multiple ways to start monetizing your blogs.

Native Advertising

According to our experts, this method is one of the most proficient ways to make money. All you need to do is to prepare matters that are relevant and appealing to your audience. For instance, you can describe or evaluate the products and services of a partner company and then receive a monetary reward for this.

If you have a young online publication, then you need to compile a media kit where you will provide partner companies with suggestions for placement on your website or blog. It can be banners on your site, a package of affiliate materials, or premium placement. Some companies may ask for a certain number of articles to be posted per month.

The advantage of this type of monetization is that you can get paid and set a price for your services. And also, if you offer accommodation for 3, 6, 12 months, then we suggest you draw up a business plan and know how much you will earn per year.


  • It is possible to set your working conditions and prices for services
  • Such advertising will reach the target audience.

Affiliate Marketing with Blogging

Affiliate marketing is a process in which you advertise a partner’s products and services through your news portal or blog, receiving a commission if visitors who click on your link buy something from a partner.

You choose the goods and services you want to promote, then place affiliate links to products in your articles and materials. Hence, you will receive a commission if one of your readers buys a product through this link.

Multiple businesses on the market offer affiliate programs. However, they have a clear list of requirements that you have to fulfill in order to participate in the affiliate program. Also, it is recommended to inform users that the material is an affiliate and that referral links can be used on the site.


  • High passive income. This method of monetization can give more money than PPC advertising if customers buy goods and services by clicking on your referral links.

More Benefits for Your Blogging Activities

Earn more

Only the best and latest offers of e-commerce topics. Minimum restrictions on types of traffic. Payment by CPA model.

Affiliate links in two clicks

Choose the right product or category, create Affiliate links and drive traffic in a way you understand.

Wide opportunities

Monetize traffic from various sources. Blog, YouTube channel, groups in social networks, sites, or applications. Other types of traffic that do not violate the law.

User-friendly interface

Each user will cope with the creation of Affiliate links. In the webmaster’s office, all the actions are intuitive.

Earnings Tracking

Check the amount of money earned in your account.

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