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There are many reasons why people start their blog or website. It’s not necessarily that the main reason is making money. Whatever your reasons are for starting your website, there will come a day when you may decide to monetize it in order to get additional income.

Monetization is a nice benefit that comes with starting your site with high-quality content and maintaining a decent amount of traffic.

Making money from your website or blog isn’t a mystery, but many site owners often have difficulties starting it and, eventually, they give up.

If you are wondering how to monetize your site and looking for the easiest way, then we have good news for you. We present two monetizing plugins the Universal Plugin and the WordPress Plugin, which will help you to earn more from your website with ease.

The Universal Plugin is applicable for the websites based on multiple types of engines (not only WordPress). Universal Plugin allows to choose the location and amount of the ads to be placed on webpage, unlike WordPress Plugin. How to install the Universal plugin browse the Universal Plugin Installation Guide.

The WordPress Plugin is a plugin based on WordPress, which allows you to sell text ads from your website automatically. How to activate this plugin, learn the instruction. Or watch the video instruction.

Using these plugins, you do not need to deal with advertisers; we will do it ourselves. Absolutely free and simple in use, this plugin is the easiest way to earn money from your website without spending a lot of time.

What benefits will you get using Monetization Plugins by MageNet?

  • A lot of advertisers whom we’ll find for you
  • Automatically installed ads on selected pages
  • Regular payments via PayPal
  • Full control of pages that are available for advertising
  • You can set the fee and sales restrictions
  • You can view detailed statistics of your ads and pages where it is shown

We guarantee our clients the full privacy. Any third party will not have access to your personal data. Your websites will be available only for our trusted advertisers. There’s no need to worry about the content of the ads, as Monetization Plugins by MageNet work in such way that you will be offered only relevant advertising.

Are you ready to start earning money from your website? All you need to do is to:

  1. Sign up at
  2. Add your website or blog to get activation code
  3. Install one of Monetization Plugins by MageNet
  4. Activate the plugin according to the instruction
  5. Set the fee and start getting earnings

Don’t waste your time anymore, monetize your website using Universal or WordPress Plugins and sell ads automatically.

Note! If you don’t have enough experience or time to install the plugin on every site in your account, you can ask us to do it for you for $5 fee. For more details go here.

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