3 Simple Steps to Secure Your Online Transaction

By Nancy Ryan | Posted: 05 January 2017
No one can dispute that online transactions are extremely convenient. After all, they don’t even require you to leave your chair in order to make a purchase or transfer money. Furthermore, seeing how the transaction stays in the digital format, it’s much easier to follow up on your expenses than when dealing with cash. Unfortunately, Read More

6 Helpful Tips On How To Make Money From A Blog

By MageNet Team | Posted: 12 December 2016
Blogging is one of the ways to receive money from your website. Popular, interesting and unique content provides authors with opportunities to earn money from a blog. The blogger creates articles, tips, and reviews to share with readers and to receive feedback, comments, and opinions from other people. In a blog, the communication with an Read More
Are you ready to facilitate the making money process from your website? MageNet Team goes forward to maximize your sales and engage new reliable partners for building a long-term partnership with them. To make it possible, we provide favorable opportunities to save your time that, in the long run, will increase sales revenue. For this Read More
If you haven’t learned about it on the Internet, we are informing you that blogging has long been essential for the successful promotion of any digital media business. And no wonder – a blog offers and conveys a lot of additional features to attract potential customers. But how to get started and what to do Read More

5 Ways You Can Use Social Media to Host a Business Event

By Nancy Ryan | Posted: 11 November 2016
No matter what type of business event you are hosting, you have to advertise it properly if you don’t want it to be considered as dead even before it starts. This is even the case with some of the biggest names in the business world. Luckily, today there are many different ways you can promote Read More

The Best Monetizing Tools Ever

By Nancy Ryan | Posted: 20 October 2016
Everyone is looking for this magic button, which brings the surplus profit from the site. We haven’t got such button, BUT from now on you have a fascinating opportunity to increase your earnings with MageNet. The monetization process has never been that easy. Spend 10 minutes to install the plugin once and log in only to withdraw your balance. Save your Read More

How To Create $1,000 Monthly Revenue Flow

By Nancy Ryan | Posted: 29 September 2016
Do you think it is impossible to earn $1,000 of passive income from your websites? What if we show you the evidence that it is real? Meet Tom Mayer and his success story of earning online Already earned: $10,619 6 month with MageNet 9 websites What is success to you? For Tom Mayer, it’s setting up a Read More

What You Should Know About SB Rank

By Nancy Ryan | Posted: 21 September 2016
As far as Google PageRank is outdated, we have developed our own metric – SB Rank based on site’s DA and PA. It is calculated by the formula: SB Rank=(PA+DA/5)/10 for sites not included in Alexa Top 100 rankings. In such instance, SB Rank equals only page authority metric. Currently all MageNet ads fees are refreshed automatically in Read More

What Is Internal Linking and Why Do You Need This

By Nancy Ryan | Posted: 15 September 2016
What is an internal link? Every webmaster, after launching the site, wish to take as higher positions in search engines as possible. If a new site has some references from old ones that are already indexed by the SEs and put in SERPs, the chances to move to top increase, depending on sources’ quality and number. However, for the Read More
FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is a special network protocol to transfer the file from your computer to a web hosting server. FTP Client is a software that allows managing the files located on the Internet through your personal computer. You may use such program to put the files into the root directory on your site. Read More