5 Guidelines for Website Design Success


Nancy Ryan

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Every website owner wants his website to be useful. No matter if you want to earn money or get your friends jealous about your website – you want it to look fantastic. Design should make the visitor spend a lot of time on your website, memorize it, so that he would want to visit it again and recommend it to his friends.

When creating a design for your website, stick to the main principles:

1. Website design may complicate the pages loading. Don’t make the page too heavy with images and videos. This way it will download too long. If your page doesn’t load fast, your visitor will go away from your website.

2. Design should correlate with the content of your resource. It is better to use not more than 4 colors for design and make them not too bright so that the eyes won’t hurt. Use these hints on how to use color psychology for increasing conversion:

– Women don’t like grey, orange and brown. They prefer dark blue, violet and green;
– Men don’t like violet, orange and brown. They prefer dark blue, green and black;
– Use dark blue, if you want to get your reader’s credibility;
– Yellow is a color of warning and, funny enough, a color of happiness. Brands often use yellow to demonstrate they are benevolent and client oriented;
– Green is perfect for design. Green is associated with nature, ecology and environment;
– Orange can be used for cheering up your visitors. According to some data, orange helps to stimulate physical activity, competitiveness and self confidence;
– Black means luxury. If you sell expensive consumer goods, use black in your web design for adding elegance and exclusiveness;
– Do not neglect white color. Most of well thought-out websites use white for creating a perception of freedom and lightness.

3. Pay attention to the text layout. Use not more than 2-3 font types and do not exploit bold type. Remember, that dark text looks better on the light ground.

4. Remember about usability. Here we can use new trend of websites’ homogenization. Earlier one used to stand out from thу majority. Now the websites look more similar. It’s important, that the 5. main information and functional elements would be visible at once, without scrolling.

5. Never stop making alterations, keep changing your website. Remember to always create something peculiar that will differ your website from others.

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