The Best WordPress SEO Plugins you Must Consider in 2017


Magenet Team

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This time we are going to talk about three great SEO plugins for WordPress that you may try to achieve better results in your on-page optimization, make your content more SEO-friendly and facilitate social media promotion. Each of these plugins has unique features, and we recommend you to spend some time testing and making the optimal choice in order to get to the top in Google and increase your revenue.

Here are some of the best WordPress optimization plugins you should consider in 2017;

Yoast Plugin WordPress SEO

wordpress seo by yoast

WordPress SEO Yoast is the first SEO WordPress plugin you should consider. It already has more than 4.5 million downloads, 4.7 out of 5 star rating and was made in collaboration with top websites such as Mashable (Media resource about the Internet, technologies and business founded in 2005; has almost 9 million followers in Twitter and about 6 million likes on Facebook).

There are two versions – Free and Premium and you can start with a Free one to understand if the design and the functional fit your needs.

Some features of Yoast that can really help you:

  • Preview of your optimized page in Google search results (SERP);
  • Organisation of Meta Titles and Descriptions for pages, categories and archives;
  • Tools to create and edit robots.txt;
  • Manual selection of pages that are shown in Google (adding “noindex” and “nofollow” to the ones you want to exclude);
  • Tools to create XML Sitemaps without any other plugin installation;
  • Integration with social networks;
  • Full compatibility with import and export functions for settings;

Another feature that many users find incredibly handy is Breadcrumbs. It’s a navigation tool that allows you to make your site user-friendly by showing people their location on the site at the moment and the way they have made to get there. Breadcrumbs also makes your site’s SEO much better as this function improves the interaction between internal links and results in natural distribution of the page weight.

Aside from enhancing the social interaction on your web pages through Metadata and Facebook Graph, you can also rely on Linkdex feature for a comprehensive On page analysis. Yoast also helps you access customized boxes where you can check that your title has the right keyword and that you use the right keyword density.

Wrapping it up, Yoast provides a complete analysis of your website to make it 100% efficient.

SEOpressor – one of the best SEO plugins for WordPress

wordpress seo by seopressor

This WordPress plugin provides step-by-step analysis of your web site in real time and gives detailed recommendations on how to improve on-page optimization. It has the capability of managing all web pages and posts by providing a customizable format, while the inbuilt keyword research tool of the plugin allows you to look for long tail keywords.

So, what are the most useful features of SEOpressor?

  • It gives the analysis of a Title, H1, H2, H3 and tags;
  • Analyses density of your keywords and size of your content;
  • Defines the exact position for the keywords and automatically highlights them;
  • Analyses images and links;
  • Automatically adds Alt tags;
  • Provides the optimization score for you page;

SEOpressor plugin also provides post and page analysis that calculates the stats of your content based on SEO techniques and then rates your web pages. After this analysis you’ll have a full picture of the mistakes on your pages, be able to fix them and this way help the pages rank better. In addition it can check your tags, inbound and outbound links, insert a title hook to your content which will help you generate catchy name for your articles.

This plugin can also provide social media friendly features through the addition of Metadata and Graph, provided by Twitter and Facebook. Among other things that make SEOpressor one of the best-rated WordPress SEO plugins are its user-friendliness and fast analytical work which doesn’t influence the performance of your hosting or server. This is particularly significant as Google gives preference to sites that perform the fastest.

SEO Cleaner

SEO Cleaner best seo plugin for wordpress

The main function of this plugin is quite clear from its name – it does the cleaning job by getting rid of waste and clutter that appeared over time.

As you know, Google wants your site to be well-organised and unique. SEO Cleaner plugin deletes duplicate content and “heavy” parts of the source code. Then it helps you get rid of certain things such as short links, unwanted HTML links, RSS feeds and Emojis.

This way you make your WordPress pages more user- and SEO-friendly, and this will help them get ranked better by Google.

Other SEO WordPress plugins you should consider

  • Rank reveal, which helps you get higher ranking keywords. In addition, it allows you to generate long tail keywords, that have less competition.
  • WP Social SEO Booster, is an ideal option if you need powerful social media integration. There is still a doubt whether or not social network activity helps to rank higher in Google. Nonetheless there is a list of proofs that being present on Facebook or Twitter boost your brand awareness among the prospective buyers. This is why it has become necessary to make websites more social friendly by adding social sharing buttons, Facebook Graph tag and Twitter Metadata.
  • Google sitemap is a powerful plugin on its own, and one of its functions is to create and submit sitemaps to Google Search Console quickly. It can also submit sitemaps to Bing webmaster tool, and generates Gzip file that Google often takes into consideration.
  • SEO Friendly Images WordPress plugin helps you boost your website visitors rapidly, and helps you attract more traffic from Google image searches. You may already know that almost 15% of searches conducted on Google are related to image and graphics searches. If you are looking for the best image plugin to boost your SEO ranking, then this should be on top of your priorities.


Surely, this is not a full list of SEO WordPress plugins. But after many rounds of testing they have shown the most striking results for different types of businesses. If you use some other plugins that you want to share with us, make sure to write about them in the comments.