4 Steps For Creating A New Domain


Nancy Ryan

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In the previous post, you’ve learned 5 steps for identifying search engine penalties. Anyway,  sometimes it happens that you have performed all the proper actions but the site still stays on low positions and some pages steadily do not appear in search results.

If so, you can transfer the content to the new domain and start website building from scratch.

Stick to the following points while getting a new domain:

  1. The older the domain, the more trusted it is. Moreover, its PR and reference weight remain the same which positively influences rankings and promotion.
  2. Check the domain history. The domain with bad history may create troubles for you by its negative reputation with Google.
  3. I recommend that you perform the following before buying an established domain:
  • Check if the previous site content does not look questionable using  Internet Archive;
  • Examine the site backlinks structure. It should not contain spam in comments, same anchor texts, directory links or any other signs of backlinks exchange, etc.;
  • Make sure that the strategies of the previous site owner did not trigger Search Engines penalty using services such as Google Banned Checker;
  • Find out domain hosting and whois history. Frequent change of website owner tells of low quality of the chosen domain.

4.We recommend you to use only trusted domain and hosting providers that offer quality hosting and superior support for a reasonable price. Here are just a few: WHUK, Domain.com, NameCheap, HostGator, BlueHost, etc.

Make sure,  that you created a superior quality domain – this is a guarantee of your website’s success and a good foundation for its development. Get your website prosperous and grow rich.

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