Complete Guide On How To Start Earning With MageNet


MageNet Team

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If you run a blog, you might follow several proper aims. Of course, you want to share some valuable information and engage as many readers as possible. Because you know that the more readers you have, the higher income you’ll get. MageNet provides you with a perfect opportunity to earn more with your website.

You can safely monetize your site and get easy money for placing contextual ads within your content. All you need to do is create an account with MageNet, accomplish a few steps and voilà – the first profit is here for you. Sounds great, doesn’t it? But let’s start at the beginning and get to the bottom of how to get started with MageNet. In this article, we are going to provide detailed instructions on MageNet platform.

How To Get In Our Inventory?

The very first step on the way to getting money from your site is creating an account with MageNet if you’re not an active publisher yet.

Sign up with MageNet

In case you have an account with MageNet, log in by clicking the button in the upper right corner.

Login with MageNet

After logging in, you will get on the main page of MageNet inventory. Here you will find the detailed recommendations on your further steps along with an introductory video.

MageNet Welcome page

To get profit with MageNet, add your website or websites in our inventory by clicking Your sites tab and thereafter choose the Add new website line.

Add new site function

After clicking Add new site line, you’ll get the following popup window. Here you need to indicate your website’s URL, the platform it works on, and relevant category so marketers could easily find and choose your website for ads placement.

Add more sites window

Once you fill in all the necessary data, click Add button to confirm your ownership rights. You can do it in two ways: manually or automatically with the help of plugins. After all these done, you need to wait 48 hours for us to index your website. Please note that MageNet doesn’t accept websites that promote escort services, pornography, adult, or other harmful content.

Site ownership confirmation

As soon as your website pages are indexed, you’ll see them listed in the inventory. (Your sites – Already added sites)

MageNet inventory

This interface provides you with the comprehensive data on your added websites:

  • In the first column, you’ll find the URL of your added website and the category of this site in the side-by-side column
  • A fee pattern is a customized or default price for your services. Default fee is a standard tariff proposed by MageNet for your website services. This price is based on SB Rank of your website and the number of outbound links. The better rankings you have, the higher prices you’ll get for your services. Still, you can set your own prices as well.
  • Ads placement mode means the way you install ads on your website. MageNet offers you to enjoy three ways of ads placement: manual, and automatic, with the help of plugins – WordPress Monetization Plugin or Universal Ads Placing Plugin.

Ads Statuses & Why They Should Be Active

Ads statuses

This interface gives you the crucial information on statuses of ads placed on your website. Namely, you can check:

  • The page of your website with ad placed
  • Clickable text for your users
  • Type of backlink placement: manual when you take care of all ads by your own, and automatic with the help of MageNet plugins that save your time and place ads without bothering you.
  • SB rank of your page
  • Your monthly fee for the ad placed
  • Whether your links are permanent
  • Status of the ad. This is the column you should pay careful attention. Because you can get money only if the placed ad is active.
  • Start/end date of ad placement

MageNet Benefits For Publishers

To sum up, take a look at the advantages you can get by using MageNet:

  • Safe and easy passive income just for placing ads. All you need to do is just add your website, pass our moderation and wait until the marketer will choose your website for their ads placement. Please note that MageNet has no influence on the choice of marketers. That is why the amount of money you can earn with MageNet may vary depending on your website niche, page quality, SB Rank, and many other factors.
  • Rich statistics of your earnings progress. MageNet platform offers you convenient and all-sided information concerning your income. You can evaluate the dynamics and popularity of your website by your own. On the basis of this information, you’ll decide which steps should be taken to gain popularity with the marketers.
  • Total control over placed ads. All you need to know about placed ads on your website is just at your fingertips. Status, price, duration, and placement of every ad is clearly pointed out in the interface of our inventory.
  • Get paid regularly. You’ll get an opportunity to receive additional regular payments. The more attractive your website for marketers is, the more money you will get. Every 1st day of the next month you get paid for the previous one.
  • Fool-proof and transparent interface. MageNet serves you handy and informative interfaces that provide you with all the necessary information so you can have a clear vision of your further steps towards income increase.
  • Website Value Calculator. Make use of this free tool to reveal how much you can earn with your website after joining MageNet.
  • Join MageNet Referral Program. You may boost your profit when referring friends to MageNet.
  • Add as many websites as you wish for FREE. The last but not the least benefit of using MageNet is that if you run more than 1 website, you can monetize them all! More websites on various topics increase your chances to boost profit.

Remember that a good beginning makes a good ending. So start enjoying the benefits of using MageNet right away!