Easy To Follow Blogging Tips – How To Make Your Website Get Real Attention


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If you haven’t learned about it on the Internet, we are informing you that blogging has long been essential for the successful promotion of any digital media business. And no wonder – a blog offers and conveys a lot of additional features to attract potential customers. But how to get started and what to do if your blog does not bring the expected traffic? Don’t panic; now we are going to reveal relatively easy and important blogging tips that will save a lot of time and your valuable energy. It turns out that to achieve the desired aim, every blog post must include several key elements. To begin with, let’s define the purpose of your “live diary.”

In general, a good blog is capable of performing the following functions:

  • Serve as a communication channel, regularly providing relevant information;
  • Assist in increasing conversion of your website. Google, Yahoo! and Bing adore high-quality content;
  • Increase customer base and sales revenue;
  • Help in interacting with potential clients;
  • Earn money by launching an advertising campaign. Learn how to increase your online earning, monetize your websites via MageNet

Nevertheless, tips for writing blogs besides visibility and attractiveness involve three crucial “To Be” layers.

1) Be helpful

Comparing the number of successful blogs, you will notice a definite regularity: all of them carry some useful information. In today’s fussy world, most people do not have time to read something that does not help somehow to improve their lives. It may seem difficult, but do not despair. It is not mandatory but strongly recommended to show something emphatic and one-of-a-kind. For example, it may be a lesson of professional medical ethics or a simple manual on the new online service usage. By providing your visitors with valuable information, you will increase the conversion and interaction between the material and reader.

2) Be honest

Tip for blogging: be honest

You take full control over your content, but do not abuse of power. It makes no sense (and zero profit for business) to distort facts or to invent new topics of discussions. In addition, it is obligatory to reserve the copyright. Write about what you believe will motivate your reader. If you are not well versed in some cases, study them properly and leave your review. The quality performance of your work will provide an evidence of the blog efficiency. Stay faithful and loyal to your craft and readers by publishing fresh and reliable material – and then your blog will be known as an authoritative and authentic source of information.

3) Be consistent

Naturally, a blog is a showcase of your individuality, readiness of being helpful and interesting. Therefore, every post you write has to reveal the purpose of your blog, show your values, messages and ideas.

Impressive Recommendations and Tips For Writing Blogs With Ease

If you want to improve the readability of your blog post, adhere to such pieces of advice:

Create Your Personal Brand

Blogging tips and tricks for personal brand

How can you start your blog without an opportunity to stand out from the crowd? It is a rhetorical question.

People tend to hide their talents because we are afraid of being ridiculed. Free yourself from the prison of your fears!

Set your photo on the front page of your website. As we have mentioned above, every blog ( a corporate blog is an exception) is a personal diary, and a person who is reading your posts wants to see who he/she communicates with. If you want to achieve success, show off your works! You have to come to light wherever it is possible – on forums, in comments, and so on.

Focus On Your Audience

Create a permanent audience of your blog. It is probably one of the best blogging tips on the performance evaluation. You need to create a constant audience of like-minded people.

Let us show how it’s done.

Specifically, you need to create collection and distribution options. People should subscribe to blog updates in all possible ways. Visitors will choose how to read your blog on their own. Your task is to give them as many as possible tools to subscribe to updates. 

It is better to use RSS feeds and email newsletters. As a good option, you may launch the FeedBurner service to distribute daily news automatically through Twitter and Facebook.

Use Attractive Headlines

Blog tip - use attractive headlines

Each headline should serve as a bait and a reason why people want to visit your website. Choose headlines that will arouse interest but not completely reveal the topic of your post. You need to give a hint without disclosing all the secrets. Another good practice is to use numbers in headlines. Take as an example the title: “16 Rules of Blog Writing and Layout. Which Ones Are You Breaking?” Numbers help to attract attention and to live up to expectations, which is why they will long remain in trend.

Interaction With The Audience

1) Run contests on a blog

How can you maintain a blog without running online competitions?

This rule is highly recommended if you face troubles of website’s attendance. It is vital to raise the behavioral factors on a blog, and therefore to increase the development and promotion in a search.

Launch the prize draw. The real cash prize is the best way to stimulate people.

Try to cooperate with other bloggers because the result of competition will be much greater.

2) Competent work with comments

It is necessary to understand that comment blog section shows the growth of behavioral factors directly and, therefore, its attendance.

Today search engines are focusing on how visitors behave on your blog, and if they take part in the project realization: write comments, discuss problems and leave feedbacks – it’s great!

In addition, we should not forget that each comment is a great content generator. Some comments can be a source of the next topic and even outshine the content itself.

3) Use additional visual tools

Careful use of images, video presentations will engage readers into your blog posts. When people ask to specify best blog tips, we usually mark three rules: usability, simplicity, and visualization. Ideally, your images have to induce readers’ attention and emphasize your message. 

Diligent and Careful Formatting

Proper formatting will make your blog posts easier for people to scan and understand.

  1. Capital letters

Use capital letters if you want to emphasize or highlight the information. However, do not exaggerate; it may have the repulsive effect.

  1. Short paragraphs and sentences

Texts online differ from printed works: it’s better to break an article into well-structured sections. Paragraphs should be much shorter online than on paper. Try to limit the usage of lengthy sentences to avoid redundancy and wordiness.

  1. White space

Make sure that your blog isn’t too bothersome and allows visitors to avoid computer eye-strain.

  1. Font type

As a rule, sans-serif fonts are supposed to be easier to read on-screen, in particular, Verdana. You may also use the sans-serif font Roboto (without the squiggly bits) which is designed for easy reading on-screen and will give your design a modern touch.

  1. Font size

Large fonts are better. Explore some of your favorite writing platforms, compare the font size they apply and decide what works better.


You may find plenty of blogging tips on how to maintain your “live diary” properly, but the most reliable option is to share free and useful information with readers.

Since blogging combines several professions, your active steps play a significant role in a website development. Eventually, it will help you understand what direction you like to move in. Therefore, in the process of creating your project, you will face a big amount of information and can become a specialist in a particular area. What if you are a natural born SEO guru or a sort of god of copywriting? Or perhaps you are the best expert on wild animals? Then it might be worth tremendous efforts to transform your sphere of interest into your profit. In addition, an active rotation of the blogosphere will provide you with new ideas and bring new people, who could become your partners or customers.

Search engines are wary of websites with age fewer than six months. Learn How To Get Indexed By Google Properly.

Do not give up; do not rush to participate in a race for possibilities and lures that promise rapid earnings. Moreover, taking into account all tips for blogging, try to develop unique topics, generate ideas for posts and transform your audience into grateful readers. And, of course, be patient, and do not be discouraged! If someone has achieved high results in a short time, and you do not, it means that your time has not come yet, and you’re just on the way to success.