6 Crucial Tips On How To Write A Valuable Content


Nancy Ryan

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Content is what all your websource is based on. Certainly, the website can’t exist without a domain name, server and interface, but content is what fills this all with sense and creates its value for visitors. The more important and valuable is information on your website, the more money you can earn.

I want to share with you some tips & tricks of content creation:

Imagine your visitor

Before you publish any content on your website, define, who will read it and what questions bother your visitors. If you know that your target audience is new mothers, do not place materials about nightclubs or industrial equipment. Use Google Analytics for deeper understanding of interests of your audience.

Think of an original heading

The main secret of a successful heading is information value. Show it to your visitors with one simple and concrete message. Think, what question you answer with your text and formulate it in affirmative form.

Be brief but substantial

In the heading we’ve already specified the main question, that is why the main text should give a concise but full answer to it. Do not get distracted from the main topic.

Publish only unique texts

Search engines will examine every new article, checking it on similarities with already existing content. If an article is unique, it will be indexed and traffic will increase. For duplication check use http://www.articlechecker.com/.

Break up big texts and use short sentences

There should be not more than 3 sentences in every text block.

Just do it

Google loves when there appear new pages on the website. You should regularly fill it in with a new content. If you can’t write texts by yourself, turn to experts or hire copywriters.

Boost your rankings with valuable content! Hope, this information was helpful. We are curious if such tips are interesting to you? Contact us and let us know your feedback. Your opinion is really important to us.