WordPress Monetization Plugin that allows to:

  • Confirm your website and start monetization process.
  • Save your time by placing the new ads on your website automatically
  • Automatically change the ad if some corrections are required
  • Automatically remove the ads which were canceled by buyer
  • Save you from errors which occur during manual ads placement

Moreover, you can still establish the fees for the contextual ads by yourself, refuse to place some ads and forbid sales from certain pages.

Follow the instructions below to activate sales from your websites.

1. Login to your website’s WordPress Dashboard.

2. Go to Plugins > Installed Plugins or > Add New.

3. Search for “Website Monetization by MageNet” or install the plugin in .zip format via Upload option. Check the Version number. Is it the same as current version? If not, please update the plugin. Learn more

WordPress Monetization Plugin


Make sure the plugin is installed and activated:

1.Login to your WordPress Dashboard.

2. Go to Plugins > Installed Plugins.

3. Look for “Website Monetization by MageNet.”

4. The plugin should be activated. If not, click Activate.


If you do not see “Website Monetization by MageNet” among your installed plugins:

1. Go to Plugins > Add New.

2. Search for “Website Monetization by MageNet” or install the plugin in .zip format via Upload option. Learn more

3. Install and Activate the plugin.


Confirm your MageNet Key:

1. Log in to your MageNet account.

2. Find the site marked by “Plug-in error” notification and press the “How to fix” button:

Plugin error

3. In the window that will appear you will see the MageNet confirmation Key. Copy it.

4. Go to your WordPress Dashboard.

5. Open Settings > Website Monetization by MageNet:

Settings - Website Monetization by MageNet

6. Paste the MageNet Key copied before.

MageNet Key

7. Click Save.


Make sure that “Plugin Error” message no longer appears in your MageNet account panel.


Note: If you are not confident in your technical skills, we can help you to install the plugin. It is the paid service, the price of the installation/fixing of the plugin on a single website is $5. Just drop a line on [email protected], if you are interested.


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