Some of my pages have “Not listed” or “Blocked” status. What does that mean and how do I make them “listed”?

“Not listed” status means that currently this page is not available for ad placement for you have manually unlisted the page in “Pages options” menu.


To make the page available for sales again tick the page and apply “List” option.

Apply to marked

“Blocked” statuses mean that currently this page is not available for ads sales due to some of the following reasons:

  • The Performance Rate is low.
  • The page has 3 or more not placed or not recovered ads in a row.
  • This page already has 10 active ads listed. Page is not available for placement when it has 10 ads, in order to keep this page “attractive” and informative for website visitors.
  • Your page has some availability issues due to one of the reasons:

1) The domain has expired.

2) The server is down or other hosting issues occurred.

3) The page is not displayed in browser correctly.

4) It takes too long to load the page.

What kind of pages are accepted for sales?

The page is listed for sales if it corresponds the following conditions:

1.  The page should be of ‘html’ format.

2.  The page is scaled from 1 Kb to 5 Mb.

3.  The website is available online. Server response code is 200.