Your Ad is Not Recognized by MageNet?


Nancy Ryan

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Follow the next easy steps to fix the issue:

  1. Make sure that the HTML code looks the same as the one, which is provided by MageNet. In some cases, the HTML code is changing automatically when you paste it into your page. Then, go to your page code where your ad should be placed, find out the needed ad’s HTML code and change it for the same as you were given.
  2. In some cases the advertising is not accepted because of diacritic symbols.
    For instance, the symbols like “ş”, “á”, “ù” and other diacritic symbols can’t be accepted by the system. In this case we recommend to replace the diacritical symbol with its ASCII code which can be found at

If the given above recommendations do not help, then please let us know by providing the description of your case.