Mary Sharp
Mary Sharp
Already earned: $6,178
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It’s just wonderful! Looking for ad buyers was a real headache in the past for me. Now, having MageNet doing all this for me, I can sit back, relax and just watch my passive income growth per every month.

Already earned: $12,919
4 month with MageNet
38 websites

Good service, consistent in payment, and full responsibility for their publishers. Magenet revenue target raised to the publisher is $ 1,000. A fantastic value. And the value of it, I’ve got a couple of times (in each month). Some tips that I could possibly be shared to other bloggers who may want to try to become a member in, including:
1. The frequency of update check time in your account, if possible at least one time per one day;
2. Theme domain used vary in each domain;
3. Periodic article update;
4. When obtaining an ad, try to be immediately done. If possible the same day.