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How to Instantly Check the Website Value?

When you think of earning from placing ads on your site, you obviously want to know what it’s actually worth. You can set a price which is below your site’s actual price, and lose money. Or, you can set the price that is simply inadequate for your site’s parameters, and advertisers will decline your offer in favour of others, with a more realistic price range.

No wonder that every website owner always asks the question: “How much is my website worth?”. With this in mind, we’ve designed a tool that can estimate the true value and help you set the price range that will satisfy you and the advertisers.

Website value calculator by MageNet does just this, and even more. This free calculator helps website owners earn from ads placement on MageNet by assessing their website valuation. Everyone can check the website value within the space of a few minutes.

3 Steps to Your Website Estimation

Enter your
website URL

Choose the category
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Hit «Calculate»,
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Our website worth & domain value calculator answers the essential question: “What’s my website worth?”. In just a few seconds, you’ll know your website valuation & blaze a new trail into your increased income online.

How Much Is My Website Worth?

The website worth checker analyzes the data about your site, evaluates a range of metrics and provides you with the results in the form of a table. This table represents your potential and approximate monthly earnings from the site if you decide to place 1, 3 or 10+ ads on its pages. This data gives you a deep insight into the value of your site and answers the question: “How much is a website worth?”.

“Ten ads? Isn’t it too much?” - you ask. No, not really. The ads you place using MageNet services are contextual. Which means they are placed inside the text, and don’t distract or annoy users, so you can have 10 of them on a page, and not worry about their obtrusiveness.

Another benefit of ads placement with MageNet is that you get paid per placement and not per a number of impressions, views or clicks. So the earnings amount you get with the website value calculator can be quite precise if you specify the category correctly.*
Moreover, with the aid of our online website value calculator you can easily track your website’s earning potential.

5 Things You Get When Checking Website Worth with MageNet
  • Number of pages on your site indexed by Google
  • Your potential monthly revenue with your website
  • SB Rank for your site’s pages (the metric based on DA (domain authority) and PA (page authority) that measure the value of the site)
  • 23 hacks to effectively boost your profit
  • Huge FREE Bonus! You’ll also get access to a detailed whitepaper-guide with 34 surefire monetization methods to skyrocket your website income. This whitepaper will walk you through every monetization tool available on the web right now. It covers the advantages and pitfalls of such monetization options like:
    • Ads selling
    • Advertising space selling
    • Products selling
    • Sponsorship services
    • Consulting and other paid services

You can use our website value calculator as many times as you wish. From now on, there are no limits to your website’s continuous improvement that does not end. Find out the most efficient ways of making a living with your site which were tested by hundreds of successful bloggers.

Calculate the value of your site and learn how to earn more with it using our experts’ tips. You’ll learn a direct connection between your website’s quality, and your revenue, traffic, and rankings growth. Uncover the actionable tips on how to make more by running a website. Enter your website’s URL to see your potential earnings and download a free whitepaper with 34 income-boosting ideas.

*Please note that the potential income provided is an estimate, and your real earning from ads placement with MageNet may vary depending on the fee you set in your profile, site category and site’s competitive ability in the niche.