How Website Speed Affects Your Online Business


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It’s no secret that all successful business owners have an ability to put themselves into customers’ shoes and understand the perspective of their target audience. For online businesses, this means knowing what makes customers want to stick around on a website, and what makes them leave without making a purchase.

It’s no secret that quality offer and responsive website design draw visitors in, but there’s another important factor that plays a huge part in determining the level of customer satisfaction – website speed.

How Speed Affects Customer Satisfaction

Let’s face it: when we browse online, we’re not exactly paragons of patience and undivided attention. In the internet-dominated era we live in, the pace of life is constantly increasing, whether we like it or not. This means that people nowadays expect to find the information they need almost instantaneously.

Did you know that almost half of online buyers (47%) expect a webpage to load in 2 seconds or less? The rapidly changing environment of modern life has made Internet users acutely sensitive to even the shortest delays in page load time.

How can then online business owners make sure their busy customers remain on their website long enough to make a purchase? Foremost, by making sure they optimize page load time.

Load Time & Conversions

Customers that are not happy with your page load time are almost not going to come back to your website. In fact, 79% of customers report being less likely to return to a website they deem too slow.

It becomes obvious here that web speed directly affects conversion rates and revenue. Let’s talk numbers: is your website makes $100,000 a day, an improvement of just 1 second in load time can bring you $7,000 a day. Why pass on the opportunity to increase your revenue when the solution is that simple?

Speed & Web Performance: 12 Case Studies

Want to learn more about the importance of web speed? Check out the infographic below for 12 case studies that show how improving speed leads to better website performance.

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