NOTE: We’ve updated MageNet Quality Reward Program in June 2018. This text describes how our revised bonus program works starting from July 2018. For more details on the program please read this article.

With our updated Quality Reward Program you can earn up to 150% extra commission for contextual ad sales.

The bonus you’ll get each month in addition to your monthly earnings will depend on several parameters: Website Size Score, DA Score, PA Score,  IP Score and the competition in your niche. Here’s a brief description of what influences your extra earnings:

Website Size ScoreThe more indexed pages your website has – the higher your Website Size Score will be.

DA Score – Your DA score is calculated for each page separately. You’ll get a higher DA score for websites that have high Moz DA parameters.

PA Score – It reflects Moz PA parameters for each of your page. The higher Moz PA is – the higher the score.

IP Score – MageNet encourages you not to host multiple websites on a single server with 1 IP address, but the final decision is up to you. Hosting over 5 sites on 1 IP address will give you a negative IP score of (-10). In any other case, your IP Score will be 0.

Category Competition – Depending on the competition in your niche and the number of sales you generate with your site, your category competition score can vary from 0 to 13. If the SB rank of your page is less than 6 – your category score will be counted in the final bonus formula. In case your page is SB6+, your category score will not be counted in the final equation.

For more details on the scores please read this article.

How we calculate your bonus:

We use a plain formula to calculate your bonus score. The bonus is calculated for each page separately. So if you have earnings for multiple pages and websites – you’ll get a different bonus score for each:

Bonus score = 2*(Website Size Score +  DA Score + PA Score + IP Score + Category Competition)/100

You will receive a bonus only if the sum of your score parameters (Website Size Score +  DA Score + PA Score + IP Score + Category Competition) is more than 10.

Check on your website’s Quality Score here.

Tip: Our clients are looking for DA50+ links from Brazil, Indonesia, France, Germany, Mexico, Italy and Canada in the following niches: Business Services, Employment & Work, Aerospace & Defence, Automobiles & Motorcycles, Industrial Goods & Services, Management, Health, Medicine, Pharmacy. The competition in these niches is low and your contextual ads will be purchased fast. You’ll also get a higher bonus for adding such websites.



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